Sustainable Design


Sustainable Design

Over 90% of CEOs see sustainability as crucial to business success.

PCD Engineering has implemented the principles of sustainable design since our inception. We work together with all design team members to create indoor spaces that are healthy, comfortable as well as energy and resource efficient.

Our services related to sustainable design include:

  • LEED, CHPS, Green Globes and EGC Consultation and Rating
  • Energy and Resource Efficient Engineering Systems Design
  • Energy Modeling
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Daylighting Consultation and Modeling
  • Energy Studies

Maximizing Sustainability in the Design Process
PCD Engineering believes an integrated, well-planned design requires an integrated team approach. Holding design workshops at key points during the design process can cut across boundaries, provide a focused setting to discuss ideas and project goals, and spawn innovation.

Sustainability and LEED, CHPS, Green Globes, EGC, Passive House, Living Building Challenge, WELL Consulting
Sustainable construction is defined as “the creation and responsible management of a healthy built environment based on resource efficient and ecological principles”. PCD’s sustainably designed buildings lessen their impact on our environment through energy and resource efficiency.

Interested in sustainability outside of LEED, CHPS, Green Globes, EGC, Passive House, Living Building Challenge or the WELL rating systems?
PCD Engineering provides sustainable design assistance within and outside these Green building certification programs.

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