Engineering Studies and Energy Audits

Project: Western Area Power Administration PCD Engineering Services has performed hundreds of studies and implemented projects in over 50 million square feet of indoor building environment, helping businesses reclaim lost profits and improve their working environments. A general list of the types of studies we provide include:
  • Feasibility studies to identify the opportunities for operational and maintenance savings and facility improvement.
  • Detailed engineering and design studies to pinpoint project implementation costs, energy/operational savings and building performance optimization.
  • Scope development/Project planning
  • Budgetary engineering/cost studies
  • Life cylce cost studies
  • Indoor air quality studies
  • Code compliance studies / Plan review
  • Property condition assessments
  • Historic assessments
  • Monitoring and verification plans

Project Management

PCD Engineering Services provides the following services to help insure building systems are installed on-budget and on-schedule, function as intended, and that the owner receives proper training and ongoing operational benefit from the systems: Program Management Project Management Construction Administration Site Observation Owner/Operator Training Facility Start-Up, Troubleshooting and Commissioning Preventive Maintenance Programming