Recommissioning – Existing Buildings

Recommissioning Restores Comfort and Efficiency

As a building ages, non-operational control strategies, faulty equipment, and deferred maintenance may result in system inefficiencies that are not readily noticeable. As a result, you may be paying more in energy costs than necessary and experiencing comfort issues.

Recommissioning existing buildings helps to restore the original intended operating performance. If your facility has not been recommissioned, or properly commissioned in the first place, it is likely you are spending extra money on energy costs. Our recommissioning process targets these operational issues and savings opportunities through the systematic evaluation of  energy-using systems and the implementation of no and low-cost upgrades.

What Re-commissioning can do for your facility
Recommissioning your facility can result in:

  • improved system operation and lower energy costs
  • reduced maintenance and repair costs and extended equipment life
  • improved occupant comfort and productivity for tenants and employees

A building check up through our Recommissioning program
could save you up to 15 percent in energy costs

How Re-commissioning can help
Our Recommissioning program provides expert building analysis to help lower energy costs by optimizing your building’s energy use. Utility incentives are often also available to reduce the implementation costs of identified Recommissioning measures. The Recommissioning program also provides an opportunity for your staff to work hand-in-hand with expert engineers to increase their knowledge of the efficient and effective operation of building systems.

Recommissioning targets low-cost and no-cost improvements
with simple paybacks of approximately 1 year or less.