Plumbing Systems Consulting


Plumbing Systems Consulting

Our professional plumbing engineers provide services encompassing all aspects of plumbing systems design and construction administration including domestic water, irrigation water, storm water, fire suppression water, sanitary drainage (sewer), natural gas, propane and other fuel systems, as well as other special water, gas and waste systems.  Our designs address owner requirements, pollution/contamination and safety, accessibility, water/energy efficiency, sustainability, redundancy and serviceability.

Domestic/Potable Water System—PCD’s plumbing engineer designs the water distribution system to protect public health and safety and deliver clean water to potable water plumbing fixtures, irrigation, fire suppression, filtration as well as mechanical and process equipment. Our water systems incorporate proper pressure regulation and black flow prevention and we work with our clients to design water service to mitigate costly utility service “tap” fees.

Domestic Hot Water— Our plumbing engineers design water heating equipment and the hot water piping distribution system to provide on-demand hot water when and where it is needed and at the proper temperature. Our designs limit heat loss, reduce water use, minimize stagnation and save installation cost. Design expertise includes high efficiency systems utilizing high-efficiency heating and storage vessels, tankless technology, renewable energy powered systems, recirculation and structured plumbing systems.

Plumbing Fixtures – Our plumbing engineers specify the appropriate type and quantity of fixtures and controls to comply with code and project requirements. We are experts in design for LEED water use reduction and specification of low flow fixtures that reduce water and sewer consumption, recognizing this in turn reduces the strain on municipal treatment systems.

Sanitary Sewer Systems— Our plumbing design expertise includes complete design of both pumped and gravity building waste piping systems within a building to their connection to site sewer piping, on-site disposal or treatment system. We are well versed in design of grease waste systems from kitchens/food service, sand/oil systems for vehicle maintenance facilities and plaster carrying systems for art and dental industries.

Storm Water Systems— We provide the design of piping and pumping systems carrying precipitation and groundwater. Our systems retain for reuse and/or remove water from the building and site.

Emergency Plumbing Systems. PCD specifies emergency plumbing systems where required including eye washes, eye/face washes and combination emergency shower systems as dictated by the specific hazards in each space and project requirements.

Specialty Plumbing/Piping Systems

PCD designs mission critical piping systems including water filtration and softening, deionized water, reverse osmosis water, compressed air, medical air, gas, vacuum, steam and condensate, and process piping for the healthcare, laboratory, pharmaceutical, technology, food service and industrial sectors.

Emerging Systems

Water-free, water re-use/greywater, heat recovery, vegetative roofs and renewable-powered water heating system are some of the emerging technologies PCD’s plumbing engineers have applied on projects. PCD is leader in communicating the value achieved through water and waste water conservation.

Fire Suppression Systems

Our plumbing engineers are also well versed in the design of water-based fire suppression systems. We coordinate with the civil engineer, water department, and fire department the details of connecting the fire water to the domestic water main.

Water Management

Our plumbing designers employ the latest in water management technology. We identify opportunities for existing and ongoing water savings by tracking water consumption through metering systems connected to building automation systems.

Additional Plumbing Engineering Services

Additional services include plumbing engineering cost estimating services, field surveys and jobsite observations by a professional engineer, as well as construction administration services.