PCD Engineering and Lightly Treading Join Forces

Lightly Treading is now part of PCD Engineering. See why our two companies decided to merge, and how our clients will benefit.

We are pleased to inform you that Lightly Treading, Inc. of Denver, Colorado has merged with PCD Engineering, Inc., located in Longmont, Colorado. Both offices will remain fully staffed.

Lightly Treading and PCD Engineering have a history going back nearly 17 years. We’ve collaborated on projects to bring high-performance, energy-efficiency and overall sustainability to residential, multi-family and commercial buildings since the early 2000s.

Within the last year our firms have worked even more closely collaborating on projects allowing us to realize the strength of a combined entity. Our combination provides a broader depth of building performance expertise, services and personnel available to serve our clients.

The combined firm operating under the name of PCD Engineering has a shared cultural belief in education, where we carefully listen to the needs of our clients and share our expertise regarding best practices in building performance to reach collaborative results. Together we are better positioned to provide a comprehensive suite of building system solutions to meet the needs of 21st-century facilities. It is a source of pride for us as we provide an expanded array of solutions to optimize the performance of your buildings.

Our firms share parallels in facility assessment, building performance modeling and commissioning and we will be expanding services in those areas.

PCD Engineering’s full scope of:
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and low voltage design
  • Building commissioning
  • Building performance modeling
  • Forensic engineering
is now combined with Lightly Treading’s:
  • Energy ratings
  • Code and beyond code energy efficiency consulting
  • Building envelope and building system diagnostic testing and verification services

The result is a uniquely-positioned, full-service engineering firm that can address all building envelope, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, low voltage design and verification needs.

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