Mechanical Consulting


Mechanical Consulting

Mechanical engineering helps form the foundation of our building system technology practice. As mechanical engineer of record, we provide services of mechanical design including heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC), exhaust, humification and dehumidification, space pressurization and process mechanical systems. We use building information modeling software to evaluate design alternatives as part of an integrated design process. We recognize that efficient mechanical design starts with an efficient building and/or process. We work with our clients and team to offer building siting, envelope and process strategies to mitigate the loads on our systems and harness passive energy sources.

HVAC Systems

HVAC is the bread and butter of our mechanical design practice. Our talented team of mechanical engineers.provide design for all climate zones encompassing expertise in subterranean to high altitude design. Whether designing a hydronic or air delivery system, our mechanical engineers present the design options to assist owners in making smart choices for their specific needs.

Central Plants

Often economy and efficiency can be gained through a central utility plant (CUP). We have expertise for the mechanical engineering of central plants within buildings and as stand-alone buildings as part of a campus utilizing systems such as boilers, chillers and cooling towers.

Special Environmental Control

Our expertise with precise temperature, humidity and space pressurization control for our clients includes healthcare, clean room, laboratory, data center, food production, animal habitat and other critical and specialty control environments. The complexity ranges from single HVAC systems to larger critical systems for data centers and patient care facilities with N+1 redundancy.

High Performance Design

Utilizing the latest in computer modeling technology, we provide mechanical system design that maximize the efficiency, mitigates noise and reduce utility cost within the project installation budget.  Our designers understand the latest technologies and are certified designers for such leading edge systems including solar energy, variable flow refrigerant,  thermal energy storage, air and water source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, biomass, heat recovery, natural ventilation and evaporative cooling.

Additional Services

We provide accurate, unit based mechanical engineering cost estimating services.  We all work on behalf of the client by providing project coordination, field surveys and jobsite observations by a professional mechanical engineer and construction administration services.