Measurement & Verification


Measurement & Verification

M&V provides the information for your building to operate at peak performance.

To ensure the performance of our designs meet our predictions, we often complete performance evaluations which include a combination of monitored data, utility bill evaluation and spreadsheet calculations.

Our capabilities range from simple one-time measurements of temperatures, flows, light levels or pollutant concentration, to long-term data collection and analysis using PC-based data acquisition systems.

Detailed computer simulation programs can supplement monitored results, and are used to analyze integrated system performance. Design flaws can be identified and remedied, and thus our clients can avoid costly on-site servicing or replacement.

We assist our clients in developing monitoring and verification plans in support of performance contracts, energy management programs and LEEDTM certification. Our measurement and verification expertise is also used in the performance contracting arena to verify the guaranteed energy savings are being realized.

Within the LEEDTM framework we provide the following monitoring and verification services:

  • Develop construction indoor air quality management plans
  • Develop of monitoring and verification plans to satisfy LEED credit EA5, Monitoring and Verification
  • Measure to verify indoor chemical and pollutant source control
  • Conduct baseline indoor air quality testing procedures

We also complete indoor environmental quality assessments encompassing the following areas:

  • Maintenance of acceptable temperature and relative humidity
  • Control of airborne contaminants
  • Distribution of adequate ventilation air
  • Lighting and daylighting
  • Building acoustics

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