Electrical Consulting


Electrical Consulting

Our electrical engineering services encompass all aspects of electrical design including medium voltage distribution, telecommunications outside plant, line voltage distribution and building electrical systems, lighting design and low voltage systems such as fire alarm, card access and security.

Medium Voltage Distribution

Our experience in medium voltage distribution for campus environments includes single source radial distribution, single and dual source loop feed distribution, three source spot network system and any combination of distribution and protection schemes.  We have substantial experience with both metal clad switchgear, pad-mounted gear and pole mounted gear for overhead distribution systems.  Varied switching systems allow the customer to provide the optimum reliability within the desired project scope.  We are also the liaison between the utility providers and the customers to make sure the installed designs meet the needs of the customer and the requirements of the utility.


(RCDD®) is the most prestigious of all BICSI credentials.

Telecommunication Outside Plant

Our day to day lives are dependent upon our connections with each other.  To ensure connectivity our Bicsi certified Registered Communications Distribution Designer, RCDD, provides the latest infrastructure designs for both fiber and copper plants.  With more than 20 years’ experience in telecommunications design, our understanding of legacy and modern systems and their compatibility requirements allows us to provide system designs that will work with existing infrastructure while planning for the data needs of the future.

Line Voltage Distribution and Building Electrical Systems

Site and building distribution of electrical services below 600V are key to powering our buildings and systems.  From single phase residential services to large double-ended switchgear designs we have the expertise to provide the particular service for the needs of our customers.  The complexity ranges from single panel board systems to larger critical systems for data centers and patient care facilities with generator and/or UPS backup.

Lighting Design

Utilizing the latest in computer generated photometric data, we are able to provide interior and exterior lighting designs that maximize the lighting levels where needed with the least amount of power.  To further reduce the energy expenditures for lighting systems our designers stay on top of the latest energy efficient lighting technologies and are active in the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES).

Low Voltage Systems

We are also well versed in building telecommunications distribution.  The design of demark, trunk and backbone cabling and horizontal cabling with UTP and fiber are all within the realm of our services as well as interfacing with the service providers that connect our facilities with the rest of the world. PCD offers design services for fire alarm, card access and security systems to maintain the safety and security of our clients and the public. These systems help protect the public through monitoring of the facilities and their surrounding areas.  Audio/visual and paging/sound systems are also within our area of expertise.

Additional Services

To help our clients bridge the gap between what they want and what the budget will allow we provide accurate, unit based cost estimating services.  We all work on behalf of the client by providing project coordination, field surveys and observations and construction administration services.