Commissioning – New Buildings

Commissioning Delivers A Building That Works

Building commissioning consists of systematically documenting that specified components and systems have been designed, installed and started up properly, and then functionally tested to verify and document proper operation through all modes and conditions.  Our commissioning process assures peak building performance.

Numerous studies have shown that commissioning can reduce energy consumption up to 20 percent.

By ensuring that equipment performs optimally and efficiently, commissioning can help:

  • Reduce equipment downtimes and improve productivity levels/production rates
  • Avoid premature equipment replacement costs
  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs
  • Lower expense of tenant turnover
  • Decrease employee absenteeism

PCD Engineering’s commissioning is a key to quality assurance.  Our proven commissioning process ensures that systems are complete and functioning properly upon occupancy and that facility staff has adequate system documentation and training.