Engineering Studies and Energy Audits

Project: Western Area Power Administration PCD Engineering Services has performed hundreds of studies and implemented projects in over 50 million square feet of indoor building environment, helping businesses reclaim lost profits and improve their working environments. A general list of the types of studies we provide include:
  • Feasibility studies to identify the opportunities for operational and maintenance savings and facility improvement.
  • Detailed engineering and design studies to pinpoint project implementation costs, energy/operational savings and building performance optimization.
  • Scope development/Project planning
  • Budgetary engineering/cost studies
  • Life cylce cost studies
  • Indoor air quality studies
  • Code compliance studies / Plan review
  • Property condition assessments
  • Historic assessments
  • Monitoring and verification plans

Engineering Design

Engineering You Can Depend On Our core design competency includes heating, ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing, temperature controls/building automation, electrical distribution and lighting systems. From code compliant buildings to buildings that are net energy producers of energy, we understand the range of cost-effective system options available.  And our experienced design professionals have cross-disciplinary training creating a deeper level of integration. Our design have been recognized with awards from leading industry groups including the American Solar Energy Society, US Green Building Council, Colorado Renewable Energy Society and American Institute for Architects.  Visit our awards page for a sampling of recent recognition. Visit our project gallery for case-studies of our projects.   Or read on for more about our approach to integrated building design ... High Performance Design...Award Winning Solutions PCD Engineering Services believes in working closely with the Owner, Architect, Consultants, Contractors and Building Department early in planning and throughout all phases our projects. Using this approach, we are able to manage the process from project planning through construction, system startup and commissioning. Engineering is what we do, and our objectiveness prevents conflicts between cost and quality. Our designs bring costs to the lowest level that balances desired project goals. We are very good at determining this balance for each client. We strive to exceed the expectations of clients and bring innovation to our projects. Our basic approach includes:
  • Listen to the Client and understand their needs.
  • Field verify existing conditions and understand related systems.
  • Provide practical and appropriate alternative solutions.
  • Agree on solutions and implement them into the design.
  • Keep the Client informed.
  • Reduce the Client’s risk through our engineering experience, attention to detail, and advance planning.
  • Communicate initial information to the architect, consultants & contractors proactively.
  • Maintain an open dialog with the building department and other public entities during the design and construction.
  • Work with contractor to identify the budget and reconcile the program scope at each project phase.
  • Work with the Owner and Contractor to commission systems.
  • Deliver engineering designs which are:
  • Safe
  • Cost effective
  • Constructable
  • Maintainable
  • Practical and appropriate
  • Energy cost considerate
  • Integrated with the vision of the project team, architecture, structure and other building systems
  • Optimized for future flexibility and capacity
PCD Engineering provides services for both the design-bid-build and design-build project delivery methods.  PCD is focused on performance conscious design.

Project Management

PCD Engineering Services provides the following services to help insure building systems are installed on-budget and on-schedule, function as intended, and that the owner receives proper training and ongoing operational benefit from the systems: Program Management Project Management Construction Administration Site Observation Owner/Operator Training Facility Start-Up, Troubleshooting and Commissioning Preventive Maintenance Programming


Systematic Total Building Commissioning PCD Engineering's commissioning process returns maximum value through fixing operational and comfort problems, increasing system efficiency, reducing installation cost, and providing a quality assurance process that focuses on achieving peak building performance. PCD provides the following commissioning services nationwide: Commissioning New Buildings Recommissioning Existing Buildings Commissioning for LEED Projects Our building commissioning process assures that your building systems are complete and functional as originally designed and intended. We recommend the proper changes to improve energy-efficiency, operation and maintenance and equipment reliability as part of our commissioning or recommissioning services. PCD has been invited to present at national conferences such as the National Conference on Building Commissioning and published commissioning related articles in industry magazines including HPAC Engineering and Consulting-Specifying Engineer. Visit our conference and publications pages for valuable information and insights on commissioning.

Sustainable Design

Doing More with Less PCD Engineering has implemented the principles of sustainable design since our inception. We work together with all design team members to create indoor spaces that are healthy, comfortable as well as energy and resource efficient. Sustainable: Meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable construction is defined as "the creation and responsible management of a healthy built environment based on resource efficient and ecological principles". PCD's sustainably designed buildings lessen their impact on our environment through energy and resource efficiency. Our designs use land wisely, use energy water and materials efficiently, enhance human health and well being, are economical to operate, and promote recycling. PCD Engineering Services provides sustainable design assistance within and outside the LEED™ building certification program. Our design strategies are carefully chosen and integrated to maximize client return on investment and level of LEED™ certification desired. Our services related to sustainable design include: LEED™ Consultation and Rating Energy and Resource Efficient Engineering Systems Design Energy Modeling Life Cycle Cost Analysis Daylighting Consultation and Modeling Energy Studies PCD Engineering Services believes an integrated, well-planned design requires an integrated team approach. Too often, there is not enough face-to-face collaboration during the design process. Holding design workshops (also called Charrettes) at key points during the design process can cut across boundaries, provide a focused setting to discuss ideas and project goals, and spawn innovation. Our approach to implementing sustainable designs that maximize client value are as follows: Project Planning/Programming/Conceptual Design Workshop Conceptual Design Schematic Design Schematic Design Workshop Design Development Design Review Meeting Construction Documents / Plan Review Construction Administration/Observation Warranty Period / Operations Support / Performance Monitoring

Computer Modeling/Energy Simulation

Expert Building Energy Analysis PCD has a proven track record with a wide range of building simulation software including both the application of 3rd party software as well as the development of custom analysis software. Clients such as the US Department of Energy, Mitsubishi, Rocky Mountain Power and the State of Colorado have entrusted us with their energy modeling needs. Building systems modeling (also known as building energy simulation) helps project teams find the most cost-effective combination of materials and systems. A computer model is a prospecting tool, that can indicate which combination of building strategies is most likely to produce a building that is energy-efficient, has the desired thermal performance and is a comfortable and healthy environment. PCD Engineering provides expert building modeling for optimizing/predicting energy performance, thermal performance, ventilation effectiveness, occupant comfort, and for LEED™ compliance. PCD Engineering develops high quality software to predict the energy and economic performance of building technologies. We develop software products to meet the client's budget, schedule, and distribution needs. The software can be client-owned, licensed from our library of existing applications or can be a joint venture. For example, we were retained by Mitsubishi Advanced HVAC Products Division to develop an energy and operating cost modeler for their City Multi brand variable flow refrigerant system.

Acoustical Consulting

Our architectural acoustic services encompass sound isolation and mechanical system noise and vibration control. Mechanical/Electrical System Noise and Vibration Control Perhaps you are concerned about noise and vibration from mechanical systems such as fans, pumps, cooling compressors, steam, generators, turbines, or electrical equipment? We provide expert analysis and recommended solutions for these issues thorough use of modeling to mitigate sound from rooftop mechanical equipment, mechanical rooms, elevator and mechanical shafts and control sound between acoustically dissimilar spaces. We provide acoustical engineering design for mechanical (heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems), electrical equipment and elevators in both new construction and existing/retrofit construction. Our solutions reduce background noise levels and control vibrations to enhance the ambience and quiet enjoyment of all areas of your facility and neighboring properties. Acoustics and LEED Interested in how acoustics relates to LEED compliance? PCD is well versed on integrating LEED for Schools acoustical criteria into a project, and can provide advice on achieving LEED acoustical credits.

Measurement and Verification of Building Performance

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure Our capabilities range from simple one-time measurements of temperatures, flows, light levels or pollutant concentration, to long-term data collection and analysis using PC-based data acquisition systems. Detailed computer simulation programs can supplement monitored results, and are used to analyze integrated system performance. Design flaws can be identified and remedied, and thus our clients can avoid costly on-site servicing or replacement. We assist our clients in developing monitoring and verification plans in support of performance contracts, energy management programs and LEEDTM certification. Our measurement and verification expertise is also used in the performance contracting arena to verify the guaranteed energy savings are being realized. Another way we verify building energy and environmental performance is through use of the EPA's benchmarking tool called Portfolio Manager. We use Portfolio Manager to assist in educating our clients on effective energy management practices and to help our customers get the deserved recognition for their commitment to efficiency through receipt of the Energy Star Label for Buildings award. The award is granted to facilities whose performance is in the top 25 percentile of buildings throughout the nation. Within the LEEDTM framework we provide the following monitoring and verification services: Develop construction indoor air quality management plans Develop of monitoring and verification plans to satisfy LEED credit EA5, Monitoring and Verification Measure to verify indoor chemical and pollutant source control Conduct baseline indoor air quality testing procedures

LEED Management and Consulting

Expert LEED Consulting...Partners in Sustainability Organizations and building stakeholders are realizing the financial, environmental and personal benefits of adopting sustainable principles and practices. PCD Engineering provides the following green consulting services: Green Building Strategy Sessions LEED Project Administration Corporate/Organizational Sustainability Planning, Training and Implementation Green Building Strategy Sessions PCD Engineering organizes and leads project team strategy sessions to identify green building project sustainability goals, build consensus and brainstorm potential strategies to achieve project goals. LEED Project Administration PCD Engineering uses our depth of experience in implementing LEED projects to make your project a success. We provide valuable tips, resources, tools and examples to manage the project from conception/goal setting to completion as part of our LEED consulting services. We provide expert LEED technical assistance to project teams to answer questions and streamline the LEED application and submittal process. We work with project teams to analyze building system options and strategies in order to pinpoint the most cost-effective solutions. Corporate/Organizational Sustainability Planning, Training and Implementation We assist public and private organizations in enhancing the sustainability aspect of their organziational identity. We work with organizations to understand the service or product, customers, competors and operational process. From that understanding we develop goals and create short and long term action plans for implementing and tracking sustainability efforts.

Expert Witness / Forensic Consulting

PCD Engineering provides project development assistance to customers who are considering undertaking a new construction, facility improvement or energy conservation project or are interested in adopting sustainable pricinciples. We also work with customers who are in the process of working with another engineering and design firm or energy service company and would like an independent, third-party review or assistance developing a project scope. We provide the following Project Planning, Development and Review Services: Unbiased Professional Review of: Request for Qualifications Request for Proposals Preliminary and Detailed Energy Conservation Studies Project Design Plans and Specification Documents Project Cost Estimates Contractual Documents including Professional Services Agreements, Letters of Agreement and Energy Service Agreements Finance Documents Subcontracts Request for Bid Documents Project Bids Commissioning Plans Start-Up Procedures Monitoring & Verification Plans Preventative Maintenance Plans Training Programs for Building System and Equipment Professional Planning and Development of: Needs Analysis and Priority Assessment Request for Qualifications Request for Proposals Finance Documents Request for Bid Documents Contractual Documents including Professional Services Agreements, Letters of Agreement and Energy Service Agreements Commissioning Plans Start-Up Procedures Monitoring & Verification Plans Preventative Maintenance Plans Training Programs for Building System and Equipment
Litigation Support Our team of engineers, building scientists, and consultants have decades of experience with technologies in the HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Electrical fields. Our accomplished experts provide the scientific clarification and big-picture perspective needed to help guide legal teams. We provide services for all phases of dispute resolution, from initial site investigation and documentation to courtroom testimony. Specific services include: Insurance and forensic investigation into existing system failures Honest and ethical participation Confident and defensible opinions Defense, plaintiff or subrogation assignments Reasonable and responsible system repair recommendations Thorough and detailed written reports that are comprehensive, organized and complete Excellent communication skills Ability to describe systems strengths and weaknesses to non-technical audiences Depositions Court and arbitration testimony