Commissioning – New Buildings

Commissioning Delivers A Building That Works Building commissioning consists of systematically documenting that specified components and systems have been designed, installed and started up properly, and then functionally tested to verify and document proper operation through all modes and conditions.  Our commissioning process assures peak building performance. Numerous studies have shown that commissioning can reduce energy consumption up to 20 percent. By ensuring …

Recommissioning – Existing Buildings

Recommissioning Restores Comfort and Efficiency As a building ages, non-operational control strategies, faulty equipment, and deferred maintenance may result in system inefficiencies that are not readily noticeable. As a result, you may be paying more in energy costs than necessary and experiencing comfort issues. Recommissioning existing buildings helps to restore the original intended operating performance. If your facility has not …

Forensic Engineering / Expert Witness

Our team of engineers, building scientists, and consultants have decades of experience with technologies in the HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Electrical fields. Our accomplished experts provide the scientific clarification and big-picture perspective needed to help guide legal teams. We provide services for all phases of dispute resolution, from initial site investigation and documentation to courtroom testimony. Specific services include:

Energy Planning and Consulting

  PCD Engineering Services provides the following services to help insure building systems are installed on-budget and on-schedule, function as intended, and that the owner receives proper training and ongoing operational benefit from the systems: Program Management Project Management Construction Administration Site Observation Owner/Operator Training Facility Start-Up, Troubleshooting and Commissioning Preventive Maintenance Programming

PCD Engineering and Integrated Mechancial Systems Join Forces

Dave Olson, a 35 year veteran mechanical and fire protection engineer and owner of Integrated Mechanical Systems joins PCD Engineering! The partnership strengthens our mechanical and fire protection design and commissioning services and adds expert litigation services, creating added value for our collective customers.